Rachel Notley brings her fight for the working people of Alberta to AFL Convention


Leader of the Alberta NDP reminds delegates that we are at our best when we have each other’s backs.

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Rachel Notley addressed Convention 2019 as the leader of the strongest opposition this province has ever seen. She thanked the labour movement for the hard work and support over the last four years and called on all of us to help in the ongoing fight to move Alberta forward, not back.

She ended with a strong message for Premier Kenney:

“We will work to find common ground with the new government on issues that we can work together on.  That’s what Albertans deserve.

But where we can’t… we won’t.

We will stand up and fight for what we believe in. We are going to fight to protect our public services for the benefit of everyday people. We are going to stand up for better schools and for our children’s education. We are going to make sure our loved ones’ public health care stays public where it belongs.

We are going to demand better value out of the resources we own with more upgrading and refining at home. We are going to take climate change seriously, and keep fighting for the pipeline.

And friends, if they come after the hardworking people of this province... we will give them a fight they will never forget!”