Markham Hislop on the Global Energy Transition

Bringing the power of energy narratives to Convention 2019

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Convention was pleased to welcome Markham Hislop, journalist and author of “The New Alberta Advantage: Technology, policy and the future of the oil sands” to speak to delegates about the power of energy narratives, and the global energy transition.

“Jason Kenney had a powerful energy narrative in this election, but was slim on meaningful energy policy.” – Markham Hislop

Hislop debunked many of the right-wing myths around what’s happening in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, breaking down the global energy transition and how clean energy, digital technology, and climate policies are driving much of the global energy transition that is under way.

He also spoke to delegates about the need for a new energy narrative for Alberta, providing his view on the four guiding principles that define the new energy narrative in Alberta, inter-provincially, and nationally. Those four guiding principles are to: decarbonize the existing energy system; develop and adopt low-carbon, clean energy technologies; mitigate risk; and to seize opportunities.

“Change brings opportunity, but it requires leadership to seize that opportunity. Now is the time for a big bold vision, the kind that Albertans like to ascribe to former Premier Peter Lougheed, not a meek retreat to policies that worked 20 or 30 years ago. Rachel Notley and the oil sands companies have the vision, and if that vision is carried out it will ensure when the energy transition is complete and the last drop of heavy crude oil is refined or processed sometime this century, that it will be an Alberta drop.”

Markham Hislop