John Max Smith to speak at CONVENTION 2019

The AFL is excited to welcome John Max Smith to Convention 2019!

John Max Smith is a writer and advocate who, as the son of Harry Leslie Smith the World's Oldest Rebel, is continuing his father’s educational and campaigning work to fight austerity, the rise of fascism as well as supporting the efforts to end the refugee crisis. He works with trade unions, civil society, migrants support organizations, schools, universities and campaigning journalists to educate audiences about the need for fairer societies and social justice policies for all. His father, Harry Leslie Smith, was a survivor of the Great Depression and a WW2 Veteran Activist for the many. He was the author of Harry's Last Stand and four other books.

John will share the political and spiritual journey he took with his father for the past 10 years to promote the importance of the Welfare State to maintain democracy.