Jean Philistine Old Shoes

Jean is a member of the Blood Tribe, which is part of the Blackfoot Confederacy. She graduated from Lethbridge College’s Criminal Justice Program in 1998, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice Degree from Athabasca University. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Social Work at Red Crow College.

She is one of the Co-Founders of the Apiiistamiiks- White Buffalo Trail Blazers, a grassroots organization dedicated to giving a voice to those who feel they cannot speak up for themselves and bringing an end to racist and discriminatory acts.

The Apiiistamiiks- White Buffalo Trail Blazers were formed in 2018 by Jean and two of her fellow Bachelor of Social Work students (Nadine Eagle Child and Melodie Bastien).  Rather than do a year end practicum, they opted to do a group project to create an advocacy group to address and bring awareness about discrimination to Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.  They offer a safe space where people can share their stories and get help speaking up.

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