About AFL2019

About the Alberta Federation of Labour

The Alberta Federation of Labour is a voluntary association of unions and employee organizations that have banded together to achieve common goals.

Since 1912, when unionized miners and tradespeople from southern Alberta first agreed to work together under the umbrella of a labour central, the Federation has fought hard to improve conditions for working people, their families and their communities.

Among the Federation’s earliest priorities were ending child labour and establishing occupational health and safety regulations — especially in Alberta’s coal fields which, at the time, had the highest workplace mortality rates in the world.

In its early years, the AFL was also active in the struggle for a minimum wage and the reduction of work time in a standard hour work week.

Today, the Federation continues its tradition of unions working together to make Alberta a better place by speaking out on the issues that matter the most to working people. Often these issues relate directly to the workplace. But the AFL is also active on a wide range of broader social issues — like the need for strong public services including public education and public health care.

Choosing Our Future: AFL Convention 2019

Every AFL convention celebrates the work of the Albertan labour movement, and maps out the priorities for working people in the future. In 2019, working Albertans are confronted with a massive challenge: the global energy transformation. The transformation in characterized by three big changes: the world is moving away from fossil fuels as a fuel source; our biggest customer has become our biggest competitor; and oil and gas companies are replacing jobs with automation. This transformation will have a profound impact on our provincial economy, our public services, and our livelihoods as workers. Now is the time to think bigger and make a plan for the future, which why we have chosen “Next Alberta: Choosing Our Future” as our 2019 theme.